How to Drink Awamori

Drink awamori straight from the glass. Enjoy its richness and aroma.

On the rocks
Let awamori flow over ice in an old-fashioned glass. Enjoy the richness and cool finish.

Awamori and water
A half-and-half dilution with water makes for a smooth awamori flavor, but it's good with whatever proportions you prefer.

Awamori and hot water
Pour hot water directly into awamori. Hot cheer for a cold night.

Awamori can be enjoyed as a cocktail since it is a distilled liquor. Mix with lime water, lemon tonic, etc.

Awamori A La Carte

Okinawans have been making fruit liquor with awamori for many years. For example, to make ume (plum) liquor, put one kilogram of ume along with sugar to taste into 1.8 liters of Zuisen with an alcoholic content of 30% and let it sit for 3 to 6months. Enjoy both the ume-flavored awamori and the ume soaked in awamori together. In addition, garlic pickled in awamori is nutritious and makes you robust. Hot chilies are also good for pickling. You can make your own creations by soaking different ingredients in awamori at home. Awamori can also be used in cooking to eliminate the odor of meat and tenderize it.

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