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Privacy Policy

"Privacy Policy

Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Our company”) shall endeavor to protect privacy and recognize information that can identify you personally (hereinafter referred to as “Personal information”) as important.


We may acquire personal information such as personal data of individual, or those in corporation and organization, or those involved in corporation and organization in the process of providing various services. Obtaining such

personal information is important to provide the highest level of service to customers, at the same time we have deeply recognized that we are expected to handle appropriately. In addition, in order to deliver safety and security to our customers, we will continue to implement in compliance with laws, regulations, guidelines and other standards that apply to the protection of personal information, set forth the Privacy Policy below.


Our policy states what kind of personal information we acquire, the purpose of use, information of the third party that shares our personal information, and safety control measures executed for personal information protection.


In case we ask you to provide personal information (acquisition personal information / source of information)

We shall obtain personal information through the following key.

Record of visitors

Inquiries through our website

How we use information collected through our sites

Personal information shall be collected in the appropriate manner, used within the purpose that the consent of data subject (hereinafter referred to as “The person”) is obtained, and shall not provided to a third party unless there is a legitimate reason. The purpose and scope of use for personal information that we are provided is as follows


Record of visitors

Inquiries through our website

Collecting of information for the provision of services, documents and other materials relating to the operation of our company

Disclosure to Third Parties

We never disclose or provide personal information to third parties for reasons other than the purpose described in our policy except the following cases.


Where a person has given consent to the handling of his/her personal information

Requests from public and governmental authorities required by law

Cases in which the handling of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person

In a particular circumstance such as a disaster, sudden illness, an emergency, when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person

Protect and Secure your Personal Information

We have organized a committee and restricted access to personal information to only authorized employee or agent in order to ensure the accuracy and safety of the information. Our service provider is also obligated to strict confidentiality. We have taken physical, electronic, and procedural precautions to avoid loss, alteration, unauthorized access, or divulgation of your personal information.


We have always tried to keep the lamulti security measures to deal with new risks and technological developments.

We establish chief privacy officer with clarified his/her duty to maintain adequate activities to protect personal information and encourage continuous improvement. In addition, we keep all our employees informed about protection of personal information.

Personal information on linked websites.

This website are introducing links to third-party websites (other companies, other group) to provide usable information and services efficiently, but we are not responsible for collection and handling your information on a third-party websites where you linked. As regards linking other websites, please check each website's privacy policy.


Disclosure, correction, suspension of use and suspension of provision to third parties of personal information.

Customers have right to request disclosure, correction, suspension of use and suspension of provision to third parties of your personal information we collected. In this case, you are required to submit a verification documents to protect compromise of your personal information.


To make a formal request, we will ask the requester to follow the Personal Information Protection Law and applicable regulations. When requester made request as above, we will identify the requester’s identification by confirming submitted documents. We will correspond to his/her request within the reasonable limitation and time, unless there is a specific reason. In addition, we are afraid customers may be required to pay the actual expenses to disclose personal information.



If you would like to request the disclosure or correction of personal information, or like to know the details about our Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Information, please contact our customer service below.


〒 903-0814

1-35 Shuri-sakiyama Town, Naha City, Okinawa

TEL 098-884-1968 FAX 098-886-5969"

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