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About Zuisen

About Zuisen

Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd. founded on May 1st, 1887. In the old days, in order to maintain the high quality of Awamori, government of Ryukyu Kingdom allowed brewing Awamori in 3 castle towns - Sakiyama, Akata, and Torihori. These 3 towns were called Sanka. Sanka was in strict control over Awamori and kept its traditinal taste.

Shuri's high-quality Awamori, "Ryukyu Awamori Zuisen" was named by Kouei Kyan, the founder of Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd. There was a gushing fountain in the middle of stone steps which head to the 2nd gate of Shuri Castle. The official name of the fountain is "Zuisen." However, water came out of a hole which was designed as a head of dragon, so it is also known as "Ryuhi." Water that flows from the fountain was very clear, and there were a few epitaphs around the fountain.

By the way, Mr. Kyan was born as the third son of a Awamori Maker (allowed only for certain artisan) in one of Sanka, Sakiyama. When he reached adulthood, and became an independent distiller, he read phrases on epitaphs of "Zuisen."

Chuzan daiichi

This fountain contains the best quantity and quality of water in Chuzan district.

Gen-en ryucho

If the spring is located far away, the stream is long. This is an expression on unlimited water.

Hisen Sougyoku

Clear water splashes out from the fountain like a drop of water.

Reimyaku ryuhun

Water fountain of good sense there is a good scent: "Fen pulsating spirit.

He was inspired by these phrases on epitaphs. He aimed to produce sake which is clear and mellow as this clear fountain, and wished that the traditional way of producing Awamori would be developed and inherited from generation to generation. This is the reason why he named his Awamori brand "Zuisen".

About Product

About Product

Zuisen Awamori Collection

Great line up of our best Awamori has been handed down from Ryukyu Kingdom era. Information of stores, bars and restaurants are available. Please stop by at our distillery. If stores are not located in your community, online store is also available. Enjoy Awamori which is loved for long time in Okinawa


 Our proud line up "Zuisen","Usaki", "Omoro" and more.

Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd. proudly presents the variety of products. These products are fostered by Okinawan spirit and technique, and completed by craftsman.

The taste of Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd.'s Awamori gets richer by drinking over and over. That is why it is highly-evaluated in and out of Okinawa.

About Awamori

About Awamori

Okinawa has its own distinctive history and culture different from other prefectures in Japan. Local sake "Awamori" is one of the unique features of Okinawa culture.


 From the fact that there are similar distilled spirits in general, roots of Awamori with a history of 500 years to 600 years, is said to originate from Southeast Asia, such as Thailand (Siam), or China. However, distilled spirits using mold (Awamori koji kabi) are only seen in Awamori which makes Okinawa the only place to create the method of it, and been fostered among the climate and culture of Okinawa.

Contact us

Contact us

Inquiry(Main Office)

1-35, Shurisakiyama-cho, Naha City, Okinawa, 903-0814




Business Hour 9:00-17:00

Holiday : Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, Sunday, and Japanese national holidays ※Please make sure to dial the connect number.

About us

About us

Historical Legacy, Traditional Awamori "Zuisen"


Company Name

Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd.


Business Owner

Gaku Sakumoto





JPY 45,000,000


Number of employees

45 people


Product Lines

Awamori manufacturing industry Office


■ Head Office 1-35, Shurisakiyama-cho, Naha City, Okinawa, 9030814

TEL 098-884-1968

FAX 098-886-5969


Business Hours 9:00 - 17:00

Closed Saturday, Sunday and Japanese Holidays


Access Map

Head Office 1-35, Shurisakiyama-cho, Naha City, Okinawa, 9030814

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